Learn 3 Art Decor Techniques to Create Mood and Inspire Your Life

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Art speaks differently to everyone and is the most personal of all decisions in your home.  From conversation pieces with a distinct image to abstract art that simply enhances the overall mood, find what moves you.  How?  By observing the world around you.  Every time you visit a restaurant, a boutique, a hotel, or museum, you are drawn to art, even though you may not realize it.  Through the use of color, styling, imagery on the walls, or even bathrooms, you are drawn to certain pieces of art that may not ring true for others.  Seek inspiration wherever you go!  The set below is available on Etsy.

Creating the Mood with Art

The mood you are trying to achieve can be dramatically impacted with art.  Abstract art supports the color and overall feel of a room without being a conversation piece or a focal point.  Pop art is generally a conversation starter, as most people can recognize a character in a piece of art.  Travelers find cultural art speaks to their experiences and brings back memories of places visited.  Click here for 17 more ideas to inspire your art choices.

Bigger is better when it comes to art.  Impact is made when a piece stops someone in their tracks in your home, and a bigger piece can do that.   Smaller pieces can get lost as the eyes scan the room.  Don’t underestimate the drama of black and white art.

To make smaller pieces of art have impact, combine them with decor to create a vignette on furniture, a shelf or wall.  

Art isn’t limited to paintings or photographs either, so think outside the box.  Sculpture, glass, large macrame wall hangings, tapestry and framed fabrics all add texture and interest to a home.  

Also, don’t forget books as art.  It’s all in how you display them.  This collection is displayed on a shelf in an entertainment center that is illuminated with light.  The candle compliments the theme of the books.  

Bring the Artist Home with You

Ever wonder why the last place you exit from a museum is the gift shop?  It’s how you can take a small piece of that artist home without breaking your bank account.  If you are drawn to their work enough to visit their museum, it’s easy to have a small piece of the artist in your home with the purchase of a coffee table book, or coasters for example.  Any fan of Salvadore Dali will recognize the melting clock!

Hanging Wall Art

It can be intimidating, yet there is an easy process to follow, and some general guidelines to know.  Here are just a few tips:

  1. Hang at eye level.  The center of your peice should be around 57 inches from the floor.  This is how many galleries and museums hang their art.
  2. Art should be around ⅔ the size of your sofa or other furniture piece below it.
  3. The bottom of the piece should be 8-12 inches above the top of the sofa.
  4. When creating a gallery of art, lay it out on the floor and take a picture with your phone.  The largest piece should be toward the center with 2-5 inches between pieces.  
  5. Another configuration is to place the heavier piece on the bottom right and end with the smallest pieces at the upper left to draw the eye upward.
  6. Check out these examples by Collective Style on how to organize your gallery wall.
  7. Art doesn’t always have to always hang on a wall either.  Hang a shelf and layer 3-5 pieces on it with some complimentary decor.  Layering art this way is increasingly popular, and creates a cluster of interest on a wall when paired with other pieces.  It’s another great way to blend smaller pieces with larger ones for a bigger impact.  When layering art on a shelf, be sure to measure and measure again.  Get a shelf sturdy enough for all your pieces and decor.

My Favorite Places To Shop for Art

  • Uttermost.  They have incredible pieces to suit all tastes.  I especially love their abstracts.
  • ZGallerie.  I recently fell in love with the piece, She Shadow 2 by Grace Popp.
  • Etsy – not much else to say here!
  • Home Goods, Amazon, and Target all have great pieces.  I scoured the internet to finally find my favorite oversized wall clock at Wal-Mart on-line.  
  • Last, any high end furniture store.  Generally, their art and accessories are on sale.

Get inspired by the world around you, and incorporate colors, shapes, and textures that you love into your home!  Your walls will thank you.

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